Property Management and Rentals


Property management services

Meliora Real Estate Group offers exceptional property management services, tailored to meet the specific needs of every client.

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We have rental options from studios to detached houses. To view and apply, please click the link below.

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Current tenants

If you are a current tenant and would like to access your tenant portal, please clink on the link below.


Property Management Staff


Madelaine Gerbaulet-Vanasse is experienced in property management, rentals and as a real estate investor. A licensed community association manager and certified property manager, she has managed condominium associations of all sizes and rental properties ranging from large buildings to individual condominium units. Madelaine is responsive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about property management.


Philip Gerbaulet-Vanasse is our financial manager, helping associations and landlords with all the accounting details. He came to real estate from a background as a submarine officer and holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering. Phil also has 20+ years in corporate facility management, plant and building maintenance, and capital finance. As such, he is ready for anything in property management.